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Your iPhone is now a cold blooded killer…

A little while back, I wrote a top 10 list:  The Top 10 Stupidest Things ever said by a gun grabber.  Many of you liked it, some of you…not so much.  I bring that list up because if I knew then, what I just learned today, I would have held off releasing it, just so I could add this:  The heavyweight challenger for #1:

Remember the morons who set up a fake New York City gun shop a while back, whose sole purpose was to confuse and intimidate first time gun buyers?  Well, they’re back, and this time, they want Apple to remove the “Gun” from their line up of Emoji’s on the iPhone…It’s funny, for a group that calls themselves “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence”…or NYAGV for short…they sure rally against guns far more than they do violence.  But, what more could you possibly expect from a couple of people capable of putting together this disgusting piece of garbage?

“The gun emoji has taken root in our culture and our digital conversations,” said Leah Gunn Barrett, NYAGV executive director in a statement. “Let’s all call on Apple to get rid of the virtual gun and publicly join our call for universal background checks on all gun sales.”

If you see anyone on Social Media posting this hash tag in a serious way, my recommendation is to run….run far away from them.  Remove them from your friends list and add them to your blocked list.  They’re bad-news-bears.  But, if you think it can’t possibly get any dumber, just watch the video posted at the top of this page.  Warning:  It’s pretty [expletive-deleted] stupid.

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