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Why are violent people allowed to walk the streets?

This is a story that has less to do with lawful gun ownership, and more to do with broaching the subject at the heart of the gun control debate:  Why are violent people allowed to mingle in society?  A new article from Breitbart tells of a chilling story where a man, high on synthetic weed, decapitated his wife, then proceed to cut off his own arm and gouge out his eyeball.  While my heart really does go out to the family who lost their daugther … the big question remains unasked:  Why were either of these two people allowed to roam the streets?

The woman who lost her life was Trina Heisch, the suspect’s wife.  Heisch had a history of violent mental illness. A judge found her to be “guilty, except insane” on charges of attempted second-degree murder in the stabbing of her 15-year-old son while he was sleeping in 2000. She was ordered to spend 10 years in the State Hospital.  And then…she was released.

The suspect who committed these heinous crimes was Kenneth Wakefield.  Wakefield, like his wife, spent a decade in a State Hopistal for also stabbing a relative.  It was in this State Hospital that Kenneth & Trina Met.  Kenneth was also found “Guilty, but insane” — a charge that kept him from Prison, and was approved for release 10 months ago by the Hospital board based on a belief that his mental health disease was in remission and that he was no longer dangerous.

People like this commit heinous acts of unspeakable violence every single day in this country, but it’s only ever covered at length when one of them illegally gets ahold of a gun and uses that, instead of a knife, or a hammer, or a baseball bat to wreak havoc.  It amazes me that there are people in this country push for new laws on innocent people, while simultaneously supporting the release of the violently mentally ill.  We don’t need different background checks.  We don’t need a ban on “scary black guns”.  We need a Government to keep these types of people (violently insane or criminally insane) away from the rest of us.

Our President is quoted as saying firearms like the AR15 and AK47 “Have no place on our streets”.  Yet, violent people are released onto our streets – every single day – from Mental Hospitals & Prisons – allowed to once again mingle…ticking time bombs just itching for a reason to explode.  We live in a nation where a law abiding Mother can mistakenly cross the New Jersey State Line and face a sentence of 11 years, having hurt no one, and another mother can stab her 15 year old son, never serve a day in prison, and be allowed to walk the streets only 10 years later.  If that doesn’t seem screwed up to you – I don’t know what will.

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