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What does your NRA Sticker say about you?

Let me start by saying that I am an Uncle to several beautiful little girls and a very proud Godfather to my best friends son.  So, while I don’t have children of my own, I still understand, somewhat, the importance and difficulty in “raising them right”.  Many parents have many different beliefs in what is “raising them right”, but nearly every parent sees the “end goal” as being a well-rounded child who can function well in society.  Not someone who grows up afraid of their own shadow who relies on everyone around them for security and stability.

With that said, I introduce to you a man who I only know as “Dadscribe”.  I’m sure he has a real name, but quite frankly, it’s irrelevant.  What is relevant is the article recently penned by “DadScribe” that is getting a lot of pats on the back from head-in-the-sand yuppies all over the country.  It’s an article that I believe gives us insight into the minds of modern-day Gun Grabbers.  It shows their true intent.  It shows their deepest, darkest fears and, most importantly, shows just how feeble-minded even the smartest among them really are.

In his article, entitled What your NRA Decal Says About You, the Author goes on a little rant about his irrational, unexplainable fear of an inanimate object … and no, this time I’m not talking about a gun – I’m talking about a sticker.  An NRA sticker.  Like the one I have on my truck that you can see in the header of this article.

In his rant, he starts off swinging for the fences:

I see that NRA decal on the rear window of your car and my eyes narrow. I look at the back of your head in the driver’s seat and I wonder if you are a threat.

But it gets better, as he expands on just what kind of threat you might be…

A threat to my children. A threat to me. A threat to society.

He continues to go on, and on, and on, and on, saying the same thing, just in different words, insinuating that NRA Members, everywhere, all relish in the deaths at Columbine, or that we don’t care about those who lost their lives at Virginia Tech.

Personal Foul! 25 yard penalty. Repeat 4th down.

But never once, in the entire article, does he give one single supporting fact that even remotely justifies his bigotry.  Not once.  He never talks about an occasion where some NRA Member held him at gun point and robbed him.  He never talks about some NRA Member shooting his parents in a restaurant in Texas…  And this is where his bad parenting comes in.

You see, racism exists.  Hatred exists.  Evil exists.  Those traits always have, and always will, reside in the human spirit, for better or worse.  Not everyone exhibits them, but we all have the potential for them.  Even “Mr. FeelGoodAboutMyself” DadScribe could, at some later date, be found to be a pedophile, rapist, or even a mass-murderer.  If history teaches us nothing, it teaches us that those who are the loudest voices in the room are usually hiding something sinister:

  • Anti-Gay senators getting caught soliciting sex from men in restroom stalls
  • Anti-gun legislators supporting Gun Control on the TV, but running guns in the black market at home.
  • Putting a man who is guilty of tax evasion into the position of United States Secretary of Treasury

The list goes on and on, but I think you get the point…and for the record:  I do not think Mr. DadScribe is a pedophile who rapes children.  I’m simply labeling him with the same broad stroke of the brush that he uses to paint NRA Members who enjoy doing things that he finds undesirable.

But just because you don’t enjoy doing something, that doesn’t mean that people who do are “bad people”.  But that is the message this hate monger is passing along to his children.  “If you see an NRA sticker, run away, those people are dangerous.”…even though there’s not one set of facts – anywhere – that shows NRA members have a higher propensity to commit violent crime.  In fact, there’s plenty of data to prove that it’s exactly the opposite:

While not every law abiding gun owner is a card carrying NRA member – it’s a fair statement to say that nearly every NRA member is a law abiding gun owner – and it’s a fact to say that Law Abiding Gun Owners represent the overwhelming majority of people in possession of firearms, and they simply do not have criminal or violent tendencies – they just enjoy guns & the freedom in owning them.

What Mr. DadScribe is doing to his children is absolutely no different than parents who teach their kids that:

  • All Muslims are Terrorists and will blow you up with an airplane
  • All gay people are sexual deviants and will rape you if you turn your back
  • All black people are thugs & criminals who will rob you if they get the chance
  • Liberal Democrats are much more violent people than Conservatives
DadScribe & his unfortunate children in the June 2014 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting magazine.

In fact, now that I think about it, what Mr. DadScribe is doing is actually WORSE than a few of those.  While not a single one of the things listed above is in any way true, there’s at least some examples that can be used from the fact that the overwhelming majority of mass shootings were committed by people who were openly liberal democrat and/or Muslim…but just because that statement is a fact, it doesn’t mean that if you’re a Liberal Democrat or a Muslim that you’re a dangerous person.

Just like NRA Members & DadScribe, Liberals & Muslims like things that I care nothing for.  But I won’t paint them a raging psychopath for it, even if I can point to real examples in an effort to show support for the idea…just like back in June when some crazy proud-to-be-a-progressive woman, with a bumper sticker preaching violence, zipped by me and my wife in traffic and, after seeing my “Shove gun control up your” sticker, screamed at the top of her lungs:

I hope you fucking die!

But Mr. DadScribe has no cases he can point to in order to justify his deep seeded hatred, or if he does, he chose not to share them in his hate speech.  Not one.  His irrational fear and hatred of law abiding gun owners does not come from circumstance, it’s derived from projection.  Projection, for those who don’t know, is basically the idea of:

“I know what I’d do you to you if I had a gun, so I assume you want to do the same to me”

And that is a trait that is shared by ALL proponents of Mr. DadScribes idea of gun grabbing.  Every last one of them.  That trait, by its self, is very dangerous, and very telling, and one that makes my heart weep when I think about his children being brainwashed to continue believing it.

So, what does you NRA sticker say about you?  Maybe you don’t have one – maybe you just keep things close to the chest.  Maybe you’re more of a NAGR or GOA guy?  Maybe you’re like me, and you’re just proud to display that “I’m an NRA Member and I just honestly don’t care if it offends you”.  Whatever the case may be, rest assured, the facts are on OUR side, and we can point to them whenever they’re needed.

If my wife and I ever decide to have children, I can guarantee you the #1 thing they will be taught to do is think for themselves.  Not blindly hating people.  And while that trait may or may not get him or her straight A’s in the Government’s idea of public schooling, it’ll sure help them out a hell of a lot more later in life, when working to support a family and raise kids of your own takes priority over disgracefully judging someone’s entire existence based on a simple bumper sticker.

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