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We really SHOULD learn from Australia’s Gun laws…

No, this isn’t a joke.  I’m being dead serious.  We REALLY should learn from Australia’s gun laws.  For those of you unclear, you can click this link to read up.  The general over view goes something like this:  Australia had a big tragedy take place – a mass murder – and the maniac used a firearm.

In response to this, some panicked citizens demanded gun control, and the politicians, fearing for re-election, passed some of the strictest gun control laws on planet earth.  A move that many gun-control activists in America would love to replicate and claim it reduces violent crimes (a quick study actually proves that wrong, but hey, who can argue with emotionally unstable people?)

Anyways, in Australia, just like here in the States, a lot of pro-gun folks were against the obvious bad laws about to be passed.  Many made arguments along the lines of “they’re going to start with these, then move on to the next, and before long, they’ll all be gone” and, just like here, that argument was met with the classic “I have my fingers in my ears, I can’t hear you” approach.

Well.  Guess what?  It’s happening.  According to TheDailyTelegraph, Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, moves to ban specific level-action shotguns which are, under current Australian Gun Control Laws, considered “Class A” or, least restrictive & easiest to obtain.

“We want sensible debate for practical reforms, which is what we’ll seek through our consultations during this review process.”  Said Abbott.

The rationale behind the ban is that the level-action shotgun can fire off 8 rounds in just over 8 seconds.

8 seconds huh?  Well, golly-gee.  I can fire off twice as fast with a pump-action.  But, according to the “experts”

“Rapid-fire rifles turn up in mass shootings and that’s why they were basically banned here after Port Arthur,” Gun Control Australia spokesman Roland Browne said yesterday.

The logic … or rather, lack of logic, just astounds me.  Let’s evaluate the facts – Australia, prior to the ban, had fewer “mass shooting” incidents than the already incredibly low amount in the United States…and in the US, an average of 33 people die, per year, from what are commonly called “mass shootings”.  And this 33-per-year-average actually comes from the authority of piss-poor, biased research:

Less than 33 per year, and the answer is to … ban … a common firearm?  And now, after they banned the “scary” guns – they’re coming after the ones that they ORIGINALLY said were “just fine”?  It CAN happen here, too, if we let it.

It is up to all of us to make sure something like this doesn’t happen here.  If you haven’t, already, make sure you join the NRA, GOA, or NAGR… and always contribute to SAF.  In fact, if you have any amazon purchases to make, just use this link here

It will donate 0.5% of anything you spend, while shopping using that link, to the Second Amendment Foundation.  0.5% may not sound like a whole lot, but multiple it over a few million transactions, and it’ll add up fast.

These organizations have national reach, enormous amounts of power & influence, and have made significant impacts & advances in the fight for Gun Rights in the US of A.  Don’t let the haters fool you – they are ALL essential in our Fight for victory.  Make no mistake about it:  I am not being paid by any of these entities, (though, I wouldn’t mind it..) but I am a proud member and generous contributor of all of them.  I believe in the cause, and I want to do my part.

Beyond these organizations, vote in every election, be vocal at the water cooler (and on social media) and never, ever, compromise on your rights as a law abiding citizen.  “They” [gun grabbers] will NEVER stop, and neither should we.  Learn from Australia.  Once you give them a little – they won’t stop until they have the whole damn thing.  Be an Activist.  Be Heard.  AND NEVER BACK DOWN.

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