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Vox author buys gun for protection, but blames American men for Orlando

Let me start off by saying that I am actually thrilled to see the country turning, heavily, in the direction of “I need a gun to protect myself”.  The media tried to keep it quiet for a long, long time, but not even the powers at the MSM can keep a lid on that powerful voice any longer.

But, with that out of the way, I also need to mention:  Vox is terrible.  It’s like MSNBC, Huff & Puff Post, and Slate all rolled into one.  It is literally a cesspool of pseudo-intellectual social justice warriors with opinions so radical they would literally make Hillary Clinton squirm.  Don’t believe me?  You can check out their site if you want.  I have.  And I regret it.  Big time.

But this story here was worth it, for a variety of reasons.  You can read the full article here, if you really want (don’t worry, it’s an archive link, you won’t be giving Vox your click), but I’ll break down the parts below that I found … interesting, and chime in with my 2 cents along the way.

As a gay woman, I don’t feel safe in America right now. So I bought a gun.

She starts off her story with a headline I can get behind!  Off to a great start.  She doesn’t feel safe and, at least at this point in her article, doesn’t seem to be relying on the Government to provide her any security.  So, she decides she’s taking matters into her own hands!

I’ve been staring at the gun lying on my desk for more than an hour now. It’s not loaded. In fact, I own no bullets for it. But I’ve decided I need it — just in case.

And her opening statement completely destroys the excitement you feel from the headline.  You own an unloaded gun, refuse to buy bullets, but claim you need it for protection, because the Orlando shooting, that specifically targeted gay Americans, made you not feel safe.  I already feel a tiny bit dumber and I’m only four sentences into her article.

As a gay woman living in the American South, “just in case” for me means that I expect one day to be followed into a women’s restroom by some “concerned citizen” because I’m not feminine-presenting, hardly at all, and don’t adhere to traditional gender standards.

What does this even mean?  This was quite literally the dumbest thing I’ve read all day.  But then I read the next 2 reasons she uses for buying a gun, and the level of stupid topped its self:

“Just in case” means the next time an old man decides to spit at me again while I’m simply walking down the sidewalk.  “Just in case” means the next time a random frat boy leans out of his buddy’s lifted truck window and yells, “DYKE!” as they hastily pull away from the stoplight next to me.

If you’re someone that thinks either of these are reasons to pull a gun and aim at someone, then you’re someone that literally has no business with a gun in your hand.  Ever.  For any reason.  ….This is called brandishing, and it’s against the law.  In fact, under Oklahoma law , brandishing will land you in prison for “no less than 1 year and no more than 10”.  And it’s a felony.  And you’ll lose your license.  So then why would anyone think this is acceptable???  Oh, don’t worry, our heroic author reveals that answer, and so much more, in just a few.

At this point, the author goes on to tell us about her crippling battle with depression and how she tore herself away from the world of guns because she was afraid she would use one to kill herself. But then, after having that crippling depression for 5 years, she makes the decision that she can finally trust herself with a gun again — And then picks up:

I learned that a gun show was taking place the next town over and made a plan to go with some of my co-workers. We settled on Sunday as the day we would go.

Oh boy – headed to the gun show.  I want to go to the gun show, too!

I loaded up in the car with my friends and headed to the gun show. We discussed Orlando and how shocking and sad it was. We all agreed that we were not the biggest fans of guns but wanted them after yet another mass shooting.

Ohhh it’s getting good again!  People taking responsibility into their own hands.  I absolutely freaking love it!

We arrived at the gun show and stepped into a different world […] I perused a case exhibiting lighters with Nazi insignia on them. I was in a building full of the people on this earth who frighten me most, surrounded by weapons of all sorts.

Alright, first off, most of the people reading this article already understand that those items for sale at a gun show, featuring swastikas are always WW2 relics.  Nobody is interested in going to a gun show to support Hitler, so on this note, she’s being extremely disingenuous, at best, and more likely, just being judgemental.  

Also – law abiding gun owners frighten you the most?  Seriously?  I have a few very close friends who are gay – I show them this – and they both, independent of each other, sent me  this story (different links, but same story) and one of my friends even chimed in with the note:

As a gay man, nothing scares me more than Islam.  I’ve said this for the better part of the last 8 years.  The Islam that your Vox author is used to is an Americanized version of the real thing.

It’s like going to Taco Bell and proclaiming “I love Mexican Food”, or adding to your Yelp profile that you’re a frequent diner of Chinese food because you eat at Panda Express.

And ya know what?  He absolutely has a point, and an understandable right, to be afraid.  Last time I checked, the kinds of folks buying guns at gun shows aren’t the same types of folks throwing gay people off of roofs, or setting them on fire, for being gay.  But hey – lots of people are afraid of law abiding gun owners.  Criminals, thugs, & social parasites to name a few.  Moving forward!

After about an hour of searching, I found the gun I had come to get: a Glock 42. It took me less time and effort to fill out the paperwork and walk out of the building with something designed specifically to kill than it took me to get birth control, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medication.

Wait just a damn second.  This is a Vox author, who went to a gun show, and is admitting that she had to fill out a background check before she could purchase a firearm?  But…but…according to Vox, you don’t need to perform a background check at Gun Shows!  Someone’s going to get a written reprimand on Monday!  Oh, but don’t worry, she doesn’t mind chiming in that she believes it’s easier to get a gun than birth control (which is actually bullshit) and claims she filled out more paperwork to buy antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication.

Well, ya…considering 4 times as many people die, each year, to prescription drugs, than firearms, and that the Bill of Rights does not guarantee your right to pop a few pills, I would reckon this is an acceptable transaction.  It’s simple:  If you don’t have a criminal record – and can pass the background check – you can buy a gun.  It shouldn’t take you 4 months to hear back.  But, apparently, our author thinks otherwise (notice, however, she never volunteered to wait.  Lead by example, darlin’.  Lead by example)

But now, our author begins to literally go off the deep end, when she starts talking about how she can understand what would drive the Orlando shooter to murder 49 people in cold blood:

Because I recognized that deep, ever-present rage one would have to have to commit such a terrible crime. And on that level, I understand him.

Uhh…..Wow.  You have got to be kidding me.  For a person with a self-proclaimed history of mental illness that required medication, this is not something I want to hear come out of the mouth of someone holding a gun.

I don’t believe we can blame the Orlando shooting on “radical Islam.” I do believe [The Orlando Shooter] is a product of America’s hypermasculine, police-worshiping society that screamed at him from all directions to stay in the closet, to hide any sort of mental illness, or risk not being a “real man.”

I believe [The Orlando Shooter] is the manifestation of 2016 America. He is a product of conservative, fear-based rhetoric.

…What the fuck?  First off, there’s absolutely no proof, what so ever, that the Shooter was a closeted homosexual.  It’s completely speculation…and on some peoples part, it’s idealistic speculation.  But even if he was, so?  Why is he all-of-the-sudden a victim in all of this?  Did the sudden discovery that the shooter MIGHT be gay shock our author into forgetting that this man murdered 49 people in cold blood?

I simply cannot wrap my head around this remarkably infantile train of thought.  It’s not because of his self-professed radical religious beliefs… but it’s because people support the police department and think there’s a difference between masculine & feminine behavior?  She continues to defend Islam a little bit more, completely ignoring everything about the Orlando shooter, which isn’t surprising.  Remember.  This is Vox.

So here the Glock sits, still empty, next to my laptop on my desk as I type this. I keep staring at it and playing out multiple scenarios in my head where I would be inclined to use the gun outside of target practice.

There’s not one single scenario you should be playing out in your head about how you would utilize an unloaded gun.  Do you put gas in your gar?  Do you make sure your smoke detectors have batteries?  I sure hope so.  And remember, brandishing is illegal where you live.  The only time that firearm should ever come out is when you actually fear for your life, or the life of someone else.  That’s it.  You can’t use it because someone called you a Dyke.  You can’t wave it around at the grocery store to scare the old lady with the booklet full of coupons out of line so you can check out faster.

If you ever find yourself in a real situation where you actually need your gun (having your feelings hurt by someone calling you name does not qualify) you’re going to feel really damn stupid when all you hear is a “click”.

I realize that you think you know a lot about firearms, because your father was a Great American and served his country, but the reality of the situation is:  You don’t.  And further more, you seem a little unstable to me, when you start justifying the mindset that the Orlando shooter was in to murder 49 people, and say that you share such a mindset.

I realize that you, and others that work at Vox, think you have it all figured out when it comes to gun culture – but nearly everything you’ve said here proves that you really don’t know jack.  This isn’t a game.  Your Glock is not a toy.  You are literally guilty of the very things you accuse someone like me of being:  An irresponsible gun owner.

I can come up with only one valid reason: I would use it to save you.

The only scenario that would play out where you could save me with an unloaded gun is if you turned up at the gun range, and all I had remembered to bring was a box of ammunition.

When I initially read the headline of her article, I thought to myself “Good.  Someone else woke up”.  But after I read the rest of it, I realized that she didn’t buy a gun for fear of her life, she bought a gun to act like a shield against criticism of her American Hating rhetoric.

This woman’s main point for writing this article was to make the case that we shouldn’t blame the shooter, but we should blame the typical American Male.  She paints it as though this raging psychotic, Islamic terrorist had no choice but to murder 49 people as an expression of his repressed sexuality.  If I were a homosexual, I’d been extremely offended by such an insinuation. 

But I do agree with my buddy, whom I quoted earlier in this article.  Anyone who is openly gay or lesbian should absolutely be armed.  We live in a world where tolerance & compassion will literally get you killed if you’re not careful.  We’re up against an enemy with a face.  We’re facing an epidemic of pure, genuine hatred that has an actual name, and that name is Radical Islam.  

You can create all the fluffy alternative words for you want:  ISIL, ISIS, etc.  You can pretend it doesn’t exist.  You can pretend it’s not an issue.  But all of your intentions, compassion, and good feelings are just as useful as that unloaded gun.  You are coddling people that literally want to paint their streets red with your blood.  Just one look at her Facebook account and you’ll be in awe:














Be careful out there brothers & sisters.  We’ve allowed our country to absolutely lose its mind.  Be calm and carry loaded.  One in the chamber.  Everywhere you go.

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