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Update: Hostage Situation in Walmart

Amarillo Police Department

The armed suspect shot by officers inside the Wal-Mart is Mohammad Moghaddam.  He is 45 years of age.  Two hostages in the room were released and are not injured.  One of the hostages taken was a manager with whom the suspect had a work related dispute.  More detail with next release.

Mohammad Moghaddam was from Somalia and spoke mainly Farsi, according to police radio dispatches and KDFA-TV. He lived in Amarillo with his wife and drove his Toyota to the scene of the shooting.  His wife, Leila Gachlou, was brought to the Walmart by police and gave them a picture of her husband, according to dispatches.

The initial call was for a suspect who was actively shooting inside the store, according to police radio dispatches. Several people were inside the store and “screaming” could be heard.  Police, firefighters and ambulances swarmed the Walmart area and officers got everyone inside the building out. They then searched the store and did not find any gunshot victims.

In other words:  A good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun – yet again.

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