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The Hypocrisy of Facebook

Far be it from me to actually be offended by what some idiot gun grabber says. Being part of IGOR, I’ve received death threats, mocking emails, etc, from low life mouth breathers who are just barely smart enough to have an opinion – but far too stupid to have one of their own. No. Their words don’t offend me. What does offend me, however, is how embracing & hypocritical society can be of these hateful bigots.

I subscribe to several “pro-gun” Facebook pages (big surprise, right?) and on one of them, a member posted this picture of a conversation he was having with one of these Emmy Award Winners on an anti-gun pro-idiot page (you can click here to view the entire thread and read it all for yourself)

The woman in question, whose Facebook page can be found here goes on this rampage calling for the actual death of NRA members. Not just saying “they suck” or “i hate them” … no. Actually saying they should all be murdered in an “open season”. Now, obviously, I am not concerned. You are not concerned. That’s not the issue. If they want an open season, let them try. We’re the sort of wild game that shoots back. No. The issue is with how Facebook handled it.

Several people, myself included, decide to use Facebook to report her for hate speech. After all, openly suggesting the homicide of a group of innocent people is, in big bold letters, against Facebook’s Terms of Service. So someone at Facebook takes a few hours to deliberate all of these reports and ultimately decides, prepare to be “shocked”,…that these comments do not violate their terms of service. See here:

Results are in

Ok. I know. It’s not really a big deal. At least, it shouldn’t be. And normally, it wouldn’t be, if Facebook hadn’t banned me, a while back, for a post I made using IGOR’s Facebook page that contained absolutely zero hate speech. Absolutely no bullying. No threats. No foul language. Was it in good taste? You be the judge. Personally, it doesn’t offend me. Or I wouldn’t have posted it. It does, however, point out the glaring hypocrisies in the anti-gun movement.


You may find the meme offensive. You may think it’s in bad taste. You can think all of those things. It’s fine with me. None of that will change the fact that it still points out something that we, as a society, continue to refuse to accept: Taking guns away from good people does nothing to take them away from bad people. So simple, yet, for some of these idiots, so complex and unfathomable.

I challenged Facebook to show me how this was ‘threatening in nature’. That was the excuse they used to ban me. Never got a response. I presume, of course, because it’s not threatening in nature, it just pissed off the kid sitting in a desk at Facebook HQ, who decided he was going to shut this guy up. And ya know what, that’s fine. Facebook is a private company. They don’t have to like me, or my speech, or my P.S. Hoffman meme. What pisses me off, however, is when you compare the two, you can really only come to one conclusion:

Facebook is anti-gun. Or at least, a good chunk of people working at Facebook must be. Or, at the very least, they’re inconsistent with their own set of beliefs.

According to the people at Facebook, making a post calling for the murder of NRA members is not against TOS and certainly not threatening or harassing in any way… But making a post about a celebrity death, and pointing out the glaring hypocrisy surrounding his approach to gun violence…is.

Unfortunately, for now, Facebook is simply too large to care what I think. They pretty much don’t care what you think, either. The sad part is that the majority of people who are using Facebook are people just like Jeanne Shultz. As long as that’s the chief demographic, I don’t see any changes on the horizon.

Doesn’t mean I can’t rant about it. Have you had a similar run-in with Facebook? Let us know what happened on our Facebook page

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