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LA Mayor signs confiscatory magazine ban into law


According to The Daily News In less than 60 days there will be no such thing as a legally civilian-owned magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds.  People who currently possess such magazines have a 60 day window to remove them from the city, sell them to a legal gun dealer, or turn them into the LAPD.  Mayor Eric …

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SSA Firearm Confiscation Begins…?


A while back, we wrote on the largest confiscation effort in U.S. History (our version of the story was, sadly, lost in the transition of old website to new!) as the Obama Administration was poised to disarm over 4,000,000 law abiding citizens whose only “Crime” was delegating the task of handling their financials to another person…all without a hint of due process.  Apparently, …

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Nobody is coming for your guns…


How many times have any of you heard this statement whenever you start talking about gun rights? “Dude, they’re not coming after you’re guns” … “You’re just being paranoid”. But! Have you ever noticed that those exact same people are the ones making arguments like “I support the 2nd Amendment…BUT!” and “I think guns are just fine, but you shouldn’t …

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