Thursday , 18 January 2018
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‘Forty percent of guns don’t go through background checks’ Lie Debunked

The tired, old claim that “40% of gun sales do not go through a background check” is false! Not even the lapdogs of the current Administration can hide behind fake numbers forever.  Media outlets including the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Washington Post have concluded that this claim is false.  Washington Post gave the claim 3 out of 4 Pinocchios for being way off …

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NRA Endorsed Background Check Bill

Legislation designed to enhance the current gun background system was introduced today by [mc_name name=”Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”C001056″ ] in his announcement of the measure.  The bill aims to improve of the identification and treatment of dangerously mentally ill citizens and fix the existing system without expanding it. “While potentially dangerous mentally-ill individuals are often known to law …

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Shannon Watts: Gun Loophole to blame for Chattanooga

Shannon Watts, handmaiden to the billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is finally back in headlines, this time to blame your ability to legally purchase a firearm as the main culprit that pulled the trigger and murdered 4 marines and 1 sailor in the Chattanooga shootings. “We’re still learning the facts about what happened in Chattanooga, however, recent media reports indicate the gunman …

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