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Repeat criminal goes on Knifing Spree in Bloomington, IL

Here’s something you won’t see on MSNBC tonight:  A mad man loses his mind and goes on a violent spree…not with a gun – but with a knife.  Police say the stab wounds are not life-threatening, and late last night identified the suspect as Jason Leroy Hopkins, age 35, of Bloomington.  (Story from Pantagraph)

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, at approximately 2:26 pm, the Bloomington Police Department responded to multiple reports of a stabbing in area of Jefferson and Main Streets. Officers arrived on the scene and quickly took Jason L. Hopkins, 35 years of age, of the 800 block of W. Washington, Bloomington, into custody.

Two of three victims were stabbed by Hopkins and the third was beaten. One victim declined medical treatment on scene and the other two victims sustained non-life threatening injuries and are undergoing medical treatment at a local hospital.

These attacks took place in quick succession in the 100 block of W. Washington, 100 block of W. Jefferson and the 300 block of W. Jefferson. This is believed to be an isolated incident and at this point we do not believe there are any additional threats to public safety

Hopkins is preliminary charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Battery on the three random victims.






A quick search in the McLean County Circuit Clerk reveals a decent sized criminal history, as well, including, among others: assault, theft, trespassing, and arson.  It’s amazing to me that repeat offenders are allowed to roam the streets.  Especially violent ones.  But you won’t hear about this from the main stream media because Hopkins did not use a gun…and only guns fit that big media narrative.

I’ll avoid going down Sarcasm street with a hyperbolic calling for “Assault Knife control” and simply say that until we, as a nation, are willing to treat known violent criminals, like Mr. Hopkins here, as the social parasites they are, then these sorts of episodes, and worse, are going to continue happening.

Knife control is not needed.  Gun control is not needed.  Criminal control is what we’re in desperate need of, and we seem to have a pretty big shortage of elected leaders who are willing to fill that need.  I, for one, will follow this story to see how long of a sentence, if any, Mr. Hopkins actually serves for this crime.  My guess is that he’ll be back on the streets in no time.

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