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Remember the Hero: Chris Mintz

Forget the zeroes — remember the heroes.  The one to remember from the Umpqua College Shooting is not the raging anti-Religion psychopath who murdered innocent people, but rather 30 year old Chris Mintz.  Mintz was a student & Army vet who was shot, by many reports, at least 7 times while charging straight at the gunman in an effort to end the madness.  Mintz did so on the 6th birthday of his son, Tyrik.

It’s my son’s birthday, it’s my son’s birthday”

he was heard saying, repeatedly, as he lay wounded.  When word of his heroic deeds reached his friends in his home State of North Carolina, Derek Bourgeois, his cousin, was hardly surprised saying:

“It sounds like something he would do”

Bourgeois was somewhat amazed that Mintz, who survived a combat deployment without major injury, had come so close to being killed in a small Oregon town very similar to the one they grew up in.

On Friday morning, a Facebook page that appeared to belong to Mintz posted the following message:

“This is Chris’s friend, Chris asked me to thank everyone for their support, he is grateful and keeping our community and all victims in his thoughts.”

The gunman was killed in a firefight with Douglas County sheriff’s deputies.

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