Saturday , 23 September 2017

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Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)

Do you – or someone you love – suffer from Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)?  It is a pattern of psychotic behavior that was first witnessed during the late hours of November 8th, 2016, and has grown to a nation wide epidemic in the time that has followed since. Sufferers of TARD often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of …

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From Gallup: Support for “Assault Weapon Ban” at “All Time Low”

Gallop released results of a poll taken on the 5-9 of October, 2016.  The last time they had asked the question was in 2012.   Support for a ban is the lowest it has ever been, since the question was first asked. I am not surprised at the drop.  It indicates that the population is becoming more educated about crime and …

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Uniformed officer denied service at Noodles & Company

An Alexandria police officer was denied service after a chef refused to cook for an officer in uniform. At around 6:30 p.m. Monday evening, a female officer in full uniform walked into the Noodles & Company on Duke St. in Alexandria when she was refused service while waiting in line, according to officials. The cook at the restaurant came out …

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Urbana, IL: Suspect shoots at deputies; flees scene

URBANA — About 1:15 am, Tuesday, deputies were in the area of Michelle and Toni lanes, immediately behind the Casey’s General Store. In the area of 64 Michelle Lane, deputies observed a male subject walking around a parked car with its trunk open. While approaching the subject and directing him to speak with them, the subject produced a firearm and …

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Anne Verrill (right, pictured with family) announced Tuesday that her Maine restaurants Grace and Foreside Tavern & Side Bar would not accept those who 'own or condone' the AR-15 rifle

Restaurant Owner: “Gun Owners Not Welcome Here”

A Portland restaurateur whose Facebook post ignited a debate over guns in Maine told a local news station that she does not regret taking a stand online. Anne Verrill’s post, which has since been deleted, included an image of an AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle, which is similar-looking to the Sig Sauer MCX rifle Omar Mateen used in the Orlando massacre. Verrill owns …

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BREAKING: Shooting Spree In Gun Free Munich Germany

Gunfire rang out at a shopping mall in the German city of Munich on Friday evening, prompting a large law enforcement response to what one police spokesperson said was a “shooting spree.”  The shooting, reported about 6 p.m. local time at the Olympia shopping mall, is over, police spokeswoman Claudia Kvenzel said. Lynn Stein, who said she works at Jack …

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New York Daily News: Time to Confiscate All ‘Assault Rifles’

Shaun King, writing at theNew York Daily News, reacted to the deaths of three Baton Rouge police officers by claiming that background checks cannot work; therefore, it is time to confiscate all “assault rifles.” King’s contention is that background checks do not stop latent criminals, only actual ones. People like Omar Mateen, the San Bernardino attackers, the Dallas police gunman, and …

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GQ Writer Tweets Desire To ‘Beat Benghazi Mother To Death’

A writer for GQ Magazine has published an apology for an extremely objectionable tweet about the way in which he’d like to confront the mother of an official who lost his life in the attacks on Benghazi. Patricia Smith appeared at the Republican National Convention on Monday, where she gave an emotional, powerful speech that blamed Hillary Clinton for the …

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Axe Weilding Islamic Terrorist Strikes in Germany. Suspect Killed By Police

An ax-wielding Islamic Terrorist who attacked several people on a train in southern Germany late Monday evening has been shot dead by police. The assailant, armed with a knife and an ax, was identified as a 17-year-old Muhammad Riyad, living in Ochsenfurt, Bavaria, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachimn.  After the initial incident, the train’s emergency brakes were deployed and the attacker …

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Democrats Create A Bill to Bar Citizens 16-and-Under from Shooting AR-15s

In another ridiculous, absent-minded move, Liberals in Congress, eager to feel like their titles have meaning, are crafting legislation that keeps someone under the age of 18 from shooting an Ar15.  That’s right.  You didn’t read that incorrectly.  If you are under the age of 16 you can… get an abortion.  But you can’t SHOOT a rifle.  And a specific …

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