Saturday , 23 September 2017

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EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Sight

The EOTech EXPS2 Transverse Law Enforcement and Military Holographic Red Dot Sight is the shortest model available from EOTech. It runs on a single CR123A battery which provides up to 600 hours of continuous runtime at setting 12. The EXPS leaves tons of rail space available for mounting flip-up iron sights or a magnifier and the integral mount allows for …

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It’s for your own safety

These days I hear a lot of arguments made that many anti-gunners simply suffer from innocent ignorance, and that their deplorable ranting and raving can be eliminated with a little education and a helping hand. There are many of you who, like me, used to try this approach and quickly realized, it’s a complete load of garbage. This is the …

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Check out the largest-caliber rifle ever made

If you want to squeeze off a few rounds from a .950-caliber rifle, you’re going to need a few things…namely muscle and LOTS of cash.  SSK industries, an Ohio-based gun company is the brains behind the design. The weight of the rifle seen in the video is 50 pounds, but it’s only a prototype, the other two, more advanced rifles, …

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A call to arms! Assault Weapon Watch!

Only YOU can help prevent Weapon Assaults! Do your civic duty and help monitor these notorious assault weapons! The guys over at have set up THREE web cams to aid us in our duties. At any time of day (you choose) you too can help us keep an eye on a Colt LE6940 AR-15, an M14, or an HK …

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Government Stock of WWII M1911’s to Be Sold Off to The Public

The 2015 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that passed committee includes a plan to transfer the U.S. Army’s remaining stock of .45 ACP 1911AI pistols to the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program)  Added as an amendment by [mc_name name=”Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL)” chamber=”house” mcid=”R000575″ ] while the NDAA was still being debated by the House Armed Service Committee, it has potential to …

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Talk to your attacker – Don’t shoot him!

I will admit, I’m a little ‘behind’ the curve getting to this video, but, you know what they say: better late than never! For those of you still a little leery about watching the entire video above, here’s a mini-breakdown… The Director of Nanny Bloomberg’s racist, anti-gun group MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns), Mark Glaze, is speaking with Chris Matthews …

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The History of the M1 Garand

It’s been called the “Greatest Battle Implement ever devised” by a man who is, arguably, the greatest General in the history of the United States armed forces, General George S. Patton. If you’ve never had the privilege of shooting one, you’re really missing out. I recently acquired one of my own, a 1943 Springfield Armory M1C. It quickly became the …

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San Tan SST-15 Review

First off, everyone who saw this at the range absolutely loved it. I would rather of had a stock, but the Sig Brace was comfortable until it became illegal to shoulder. It had a Ultra Match 1/8 twist barrel. Sub MOA guaranteed. Now for the build. San Tan STT-15 billet ambi receiver set. Ranier Arms UltraMatch 12.5″ stainless steel barrel. …

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Should background checks also be required to vote?

Nowadays, you can pick just about any topic, and there’s a heated debate about it – somewhere – here in these United States.  From Abortion to Zoology, you’ll find polar opposites on any topic, with a War And Peace sized book full of statistics and reasons to back up each sides’ point of view. Today, however, we find two topics …

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Another Gun Runner benefits from a plea bargain

Efraim Diveroli, a 24-year old gun runner, had scored a $300 million dollar weapons deal with the Pentagon for Afghanistan in 2007…he was eventually charged with ripping them off, and is now at it again, trying to purchase guns for “resale in the Miami area” Diveroli’s old company, AEY Inc., was awarded the contract three years ago to supply ammo …

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