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G2 Firearms Training Group

My first experience wit G2 was a little over a year ago, a trainer of mine told me about them and asked if I had ever been to one of their classes. I was inquisitive to say the least, asked about them and what they would be like, all I remember hearing was ‘steel targets, and indoor range’ and I was in the next class. There are a few things I like to do in this world, and shooting steel targets year round indoors happens to be high on the list. Now G2 does have access to an outdoor private rock quarry as well, but it’s been so damn rainy this summer they haven’t yet had a class outside. But last year we were there often, and that place is sweet!

You get the benefit of using the terrain in longer more complex scenarios, running, climbing, kneeling, proned out in the sand, shooting 2 inches off the ground through barricades, transitioning from rifle to pistol and back.  But they do use On Targets indoor rifle range to it’s fullest potential. G2 is owned and operated by Dan, a former  Marine. I’m convinced he’s forgotten more about shooting than I know. But, that’s why we go to class. His style is aggressive, round heavy, and continuous movement, in the light or under the cover of darkness. Hey, don’t worry, if you screw up, he’ll let you know. But, you will be expected to learn from what you did wrong, and do it again correctly.

G2 holds pistol and carbine classes mostly, beginner and intermediate levels for the most part, and at invitation, expert level, but you must show you’re ready and able for that level. There is talk of a long range rifle class, and the occasional shot gun is included here and there as well. The students are a tight knit group, and are on the advanced side, you will be warmly welcomed, and by the end of class, be one of the gang.

The class sizes are from 3 to 12ish shooters, G2 uses barricades, V-Tack boards, barrels, cardboard walls, paper and steel targets. Most of your shooting is for combat effective hits, but there are times when you’ll be asked to tighten groups up, and you’ll run against a timer, or head to head against each other. The scenarios range from room clearing, barricades, continuous movement drills, multiple attacker drills, speed and accuracy, to random drills that literally take up the entire range from front to back including steel targets, paper, barricades, and whatever else Dan thinks we should use. When I say continuous movement, he is right behind you (if you’re a beginner, or new) shadowing you for safety, and to guide you through the course of fire, you do not stop for any reason. You clear malfunctions on the move, reloads, and in some classes transition from pistol to carbine and back without pause.

G2 also hosts concealed carry classes, and private classes that you can customize to your group size and experience level. They also own Corps Quality Arms, a dealer and FFL. I have had Dan build me one hell of a carbine, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a high end build, pistol or rifle.  He is one of the few Agency Arms dealers if you’re looking for a very high end Glock build.

I’ve personally taken around 30 of his classes, he has them twice a month year round, they are priced well, $100-$150 for most classes, and they last from 2.5-4 hours depending on the range and day of the week. His Facebook does have videos up if you’d like to get a glimpse of what he’s running. Now you can use full kit, with body armor, helmets, magazine carriers every square inch, IFAKs, dump pouches, and knight vision if you wish, or you can show up with a OWB holster and magazine carrier. Learn to use your gear, how you have it set up, and Dan can help refine it for you, and give you tips on what gear to use, why, and what his reasoning is behind his choice, and if need be, he can order you just about anything you can think of.

My first experience wit G2 was a little over a year ago, a trainer of mine told me about them and asked if I had ever been to one of their classes. I was inquisitive to say the least, asked about them and what they would be like, all I…

Final Verdict

Cost - 8
Class Size - 9.5
Knowledge - 9
Curriculum - 8
Fun Factor - 10
Safety - 9



Safety is top priority. He will state that from word one. If you can’t conduct yourself within his safety guidelines, you will be quickly walked out the door, and that’s the end of your fun. Well worth the time and energy, and you’ll more than likely see me there.

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