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Did Gary Johnson just distance himself from Gun Rights advocates?

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States, went on Real Time with Bill Maher on July 1, 2016 in an interview that really was just about Bill Maher poking fun at Libertarian Ideology…ya know…personal freedom, smaller Government – all that crazy nonsense that Progressive Liberals mock and disregard.

But where things took a spin, for many, is when Maher began questioning a lot of the ideas championed by the Libertarian Party – one of those ideas was gun control.  In this short exchange, Johnson was either ill prepared to deliver a proper response, or he just plain doesn’t care as much as his supporters claims he does on the topic of “Gun Control”:

Bill Maher: But they want to abolish a lot of stuff.  What do you want to abolish?  They don’t like gun control laws, they don’t like The Fed, they want to bring back the gold standard

Typical talking points that seem completely asinine and outlandish to a modern leftist.  But to sane, law abiding people?  What’s the point in having more gun control when we don’t even enforce the laws we have on the books now?  Well, Johnson has the spotlight, and it’s moment to shine for individual freedom where gun rights are concerned…so how did he respond?:

Gary Johnson: Well, I may not be in those camps as much but I do believe that Government is too big

In another similar moment, in an interview with Playboy Magazine, the following question was thrown at Mr. Johnson by the interviewer, David Sheff:

Playboy Magazine: Statistics show that people don’t use guns to stop crime.  They use them to hurt themselves or innocent people.

Instead of throwing real statistics in his face to completely disprove this ridiculous, outlandish, 100% fabricated lie, Gary simply responds:

Gary Johnson: Yeah, but there is deterrence in the legality of guns. It’s also part of the Constitution.

So, he’s acknowledging a proven-false statement that “statistically speaking guns are used more to commit crime than to prevent it” but saying that it’s ok because the Constitution allows guns? I won’t argue with him on the last part, but if I am voting for a champion of Gun Rights – he should, at bare minimum, be able to identify a proven lie, tired old talking point and be able to distinguish it from the truth.

Despite later proclaiming that he doesn’t carry a gun, and doesn’t even own one, he does, somewhat redeem himself later in that interview with the following exchange:

Playboy Magazine: The NRA disagrees with any limits. Do you?

Gary Johnson: I don’t believe the laws regarding guns are effective. We’re allowed to bear arms. It’s part of a free society.

Or, how about that time Gary Johnson tossed a prized George Washington Replica pistol in the garbage can immediately after receiving it?  Is this a sneak peak of his disdain for the 2nd Amendment?  Embrace it for as long as it takes to get what you want, and then — toss it away?  Of course, after catching hell for the gesture, he apologizes and says he wishes he didn’t do it.  Who knows.  Maybe he’s being real?

Add all of the above to Johnson’s VP selection, Bill Weld, and Weld’s history overtly supporting copious amounts of gun control all the way up to the day he decided to join Johnson in running for President… it should go without saying that his apparent willingness to distance himself from the idea that gun control doesn’t prevent crime should be, at the very least, a red flag for Gun Rights advocates.

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