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Dick’s Sporting Goods – 8 boxes of ammo means you’re a threat?

When will gun owners just STOP shopping with Dick’s Sporting Goods?  They do not support the 2nd Amendment – they DO NOT support Law abiding Gun Owners – and they prove it every chance they get!  From the 2012 AR-15 debacle, to this, Dick’s proves, time and time again, they are NOT worth our dollar.

Sim Sangha, an East Bay woman and firearms instructor, decided she was going to patron her local Dick’s Sporting Goods to purchase ammunition – specifically “8 boxes of ammunition”.  As NBC points out:

But Sangha, a firearms instructor, didn’t buy ammunition for her rifle – the same kind used to gun down 14 people and injure 17 others in San Bernardino

As if that brain-dead headline isn’t bad enough – what Dick’s did next makes me seethe to my very core – they called the police because Sangha “looked suspicious”.  Well who in the HELL defines what looks suspicious?  8 boxes of ammunition?  I don’t even care if they are 200 round boxes, 1,600 rounds of ammunition is NOT a lot – especially for a firearms instructor.

But the *FACT* that she is an instructor is 100% irrelevant – I, like most of you, have FAR more than 1,600 rounds of .223 in my gun safe at home – and the reason why is simple:  Because I shoot a lot – and ammo is EXPENSIVE – it’s really expensive – and buying in bulk saves a LOT of money.

If Sangha had shown up at her local GM dealer to buy the same type of SUV used by the Muslim terrorists in California, would *THEY* have called the police?  No.  So what gives these single-digit IQ Dick’s employees the right to make such ridiculous judgements based on ab-so-lute-ly ZERO criteria.

  • Sangha is not a Muslim, she’s not even Middle-Eastern (not that it matters) but that was the reason that Dick’s Sporting Goods used to call Police!
  • She is a firearms instructor (not that it matters)

This is the kind of “hope” and “Change” we’ve been promised, it’s just 53% of voters, in the last election, were too stupid to see it.  We live in a country where the mere act of buying a few hundred rounds of ammunition paints a picture in the minds of the casual, dumb-as-fuck American citizen that you’re either Rambo and going to kill a bunch of minorities, or you’re some Islamic terrorist about to blow up a school full of Children.

All of this is 100% created by the out-of-control 24-hour news networks in this country – and they’re ALL guilty – from Fox News & CNN to MSNBC, and more – they’re quickly and efficiently destroying every last ounce of common decency remaining in this country – all in aims of higher ratings for more sponsors.

The morons who penned the NBC article listed above even went so far as to say:

Had the store asked, Sangha, who is preparing to join the Los Angeles Police Department, said she would have provided proof of her certification.

Who gives a damn?  The store shouldn’t HAVE to ask – it shouldn’t raise suspicion to buy ammunition.  This mentally defective approach, brought on by the White House, that if you “see something you should say something” is doing nothing more than causing every hoplophobe in the country to call the police every time some gun owner exercises their 2nd Amendment Rights.

Look – I don’t disagree with the reasonable stance of “if you see something, say something” – that’s perfectly fine – but “something” isn’t’ defined as someone walking into a SPORTING GOODS STORE and buying ammunition.

We’ve become a nation of pussies – which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me, given who currently sits atop the highest office in the land.

Personally – I hope Sim sues Dick’s ass off – teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget.

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