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Cornerstone Solutions Corp.

My internet searches for advanced firearms training in the western burbs of Chicago turned up Cornerstone Solutions Corp, based out of Des Plaines, IL. I saw them on Facebook, and decided to give Chris, the owner a call and see what he had to offer. Well, I was happily surprised to have found a very passionate trainer and had a long conversation.

Needless to say I was in the very first Tactical Pistol class he was going to give. Chris has years of military service, private contractor and private security experience and he has a rare gift for teaching. Not only for teaching, but for detailed firearms handling, gear choices, firearm information, and concealed carry law. CSC has courses in Beginner/Basic/Intermediate/ Advanced Tactical Pistol/Carbine, Concealed Carry courses, Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics, Advanced Handgun, and Armed Security classes.

They teach the classroom portions in Des Plaines, have an outdoor range in Huntley, IL, and indoor range access at Article 2. I’ve known Chris for the better part of a year now, and we belong to several 2A message boards and private 2A groups together. I can say that he is passionate about what he does, he will literally spend hours online discussing concealed carry related topics, vetting other instructors for people he doesn’t even know, just so they are certain they are getting good instruction, debating different firearms related topics, and advertising for classes. This is part of why I took his class, his passion.

Now, what to expect in a CSC tactical class. Well, safety above all else, a review of your gear, what you have, could use, might want to get in the future, and what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be welcomed and get to meet likeminded people trying to gain more practical firearms experience, you’ll get to shoot while on the move, participate in standard line drills, get some holster practice, gain some speed while reloading, clearing malfunctions, shooting multiple shots rapidly, learn when to shoot fast, and when to slow for a critical shot, when to take a body or head shot, what sight picture to use (depending on distance from threat), how to engage multiple threats stationary, and while moving.

We just used standard paper targets, and were not on a timer due to being a fundamentals class. This is a lot to get into a 4 hour class, especially for a beginner or new shooter, but there is an absence of pressure from the instructors, they realize that not every student has the same skill level, or learns at the same pace, Chris has a knack for learning his students skill level rapidly and changes the intensity for each individual, at least for the class I was in. That impressed me. We were in a beginner level Tactical Pistol class, and had beginners through advanced students in it, and we all were taught at a good pace, and intensity level, had personal 1 on 1 coaching, and we had fun! I have 2 more of his classes on my calendar this September, and will take one of every pistol and carbine class he has, and update this review in the future to include my take on his more advanced classes.

Are you looking for your Armed Security Certification, need a personal security detail, a Concealed Carry class, private tactical class, or want to improve your gun handling skills? Definitely give CSC a call and talk to Chris. Now, let’s get down to it, shall we… I would absolutely send people to CSC and to Chris for instruction, The round count was very manageable, cost is a tad on the high side for a 4 hour tactical course, but a good deal for the concealed carry classes, it’s 3 locations for different type classes is a big bonus, veteran discounts for those that have served, thank you for your service, a very friendly environment in which to learn, all skill levels taught, not just basic classes and beginners, and year round classes, (indoors).

The cost is a little on the high side for a 4 hour tactical class, but right on the money for concealed carry classes.  There are 2 instructors and class sizes are limited for safety.  They teach a pretty wide variety of classes, I have not taken them all yet, so I can’t give an opinion on them all, but everything I’ve seen so far ranks high.  I felt safe, and we were under constant observation, so no issues to report.  As far as “Fun Factor”, well, just basic paper targets, eh. They get the job done, but you know what they say, ‘Steel targets make you feel good about yourself, but paper doesn’t lie’…



My internet searches for advanced firearms training in the western burbs of Chicago turned up Cornerstone Solutions Corp, based out of Des Plaines, IL. I saw them on Facebook, and decided to give Chris, the owner a call and see what he had to offer. Well, I was happily surprised…

Final Verdict

Cost - 7
Class Size - 9
Knowledge - 9.5
Curriculum - 8.5
Fun Factor - 7
Safety - 9


Worth It!

In conclusion, it is a very well ran course that has 100% positive 5 star feedback on Facebook (as of time of writing), The students all have nothing but good things to say, and I, as one of the first, have to agree.

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