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Church builds gun range ‘in the name of Christ’

Rocky Mount United Methodist Church, in Jemison, Alabama, finally came to a decision on what to do with the gully behind their church – build a gun range and launch a gun range ministry “in the name of Jesus Christ”!

Phillip Guin, the Pastor, said the church first considered the range as a place to teach gun safety.  Then, as involvement and interest grew, they decided to launch an all out gun range ministry…since the congregation is comprised of a number of hunters, they named the range “Rocky Mount Hunt & Gun Club”.

According to WIAT:

Guin indicated another reason for the switch from simple gun safety to gun training was the increasing number of women who had bought guns for self-defense and needed practice in using them. He said, “We had quite a number of church members, some elderly ladies, for example, and some not so elderly women that had purchased guns, but didn’t know how to use them.” They can now learn on church grounds.

Standing by the range, Guin said, “This is an opportunity for us to reach out in the name of Jesus Christ in a setting that is completely unique. Even odd by some people’s standards. But who’s to say that church can’t happen right here.”

The Jemison Police Department is using the Rocky Mount Hunt and Gun Club as well and “[offering] training courses to the public.”

I suppose you could say they’ll be worshiping Christ from the pew pew pew?

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