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Check out the largest-caliber rifle ever made

If you want to squeeze off a few rounds from a .950-caliber rifle, you’re going to need a few things…namely muscle and LOTS of cash.  SSK industries, an Ohio-based gun company is the brains behind the design.

The weight of the rifle seen in the video is 50 pounds, but it’s only a prototype, the other two, more advanced rifles, weigh 110 pounds each, so you can save money on a gym membership by doing some curls with your new rifle – but any money saved will just go towards ammunition:  The custom-made rounds for the rifle come in at a whopping $40 a piece.

So what’s it like to shoot a bullet that nearly an inch wide and four inches tall? Well, it has been described as having “significant recoil” and in the video below, one of the shooters say “it’s like firing ten .30-06′s at once.”

The bullet its self weighs in at a whopping 2,500 grains (by comparison, your typical .223 round for an AR-15 is 55 grains) and it packs one hell of a punch.  I suppose one could say it was designed to hit targets in the middle east without ever leaving the east-coast.

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