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Slot & Wing Hobby: A Local Legend That’s Proudly Pro-Gun


Slot and Wing has been a family owned business since 1965.  They originated in Rantoul, IL right outside of the Chanute Air Force Base.  Bryant Thompson was the founder of Slot and Wing. His experiences as a world class modeler of Scale Planes and Boats brought Slot and Wing a great reputation throughout the central Illinois area. Since the founding of …

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I don’t know about you, but I like to shop around at my local stores, and online for ammo, I want the best prices, and quality ammo as well. We know that low price and quality are not easy to find, and if it is, the stock is usually gone, backordered, or limited to 2 boxes per customer. I absolutely …

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Gander Mountain – Champaign


Those who know me best know that I’m a big supporter of local businesses. I pretty much preach it down everyone’s throats, every chance I get. That doesn’t mean, however, that I believe big box stores don’t serve a purpose. Gander Mountain is, without a doubt, a big box store. I’ll admit, when I first learned of its arrival in …

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Atwood Armory


The world we live in is full of big box stores owned by a conglomerate of wealthy people who have no real, genuine, vested interest in your shopping experience. (See: Dick’s Sporting Goods circa December 2012). As I’m sure most of you reading this now have experienced, big box stores suck. You go in for great deals on the essentials …

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Dick’s Sporting Goods – Champaign


What is left to say about Dick’s Sporting Goods after their 2012 middle finger to loyal customers everywhere? I was asked to write this review, and share my thoughts on it…to be honest, I was going to exclude Dick’s from this page, as I have vowed to never return and never spend another dime and, since December 2012, I still …

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