Saturday , 23 September 2017
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Slot & Wing Hobby: A Local Legend That’s Proudly Pro-Gun


Slot and Wing has been a family owned business since 1965.  They originated in Rantoul, IL right outside of the Chanute Air Force Base.  Bryant Thompson was the founder of Slot and Wing. His experiences as a world class modeler of Scale Planes and Boats brought Slot and Wing a great reputation throughout the central Illinois area. Since the founding of …

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Black Flag Firearms Training Review


Now before we get too deep into this review, I usually don’t like reviewing a school after only taking a single class, but since I never plan on going back to Black Flag Firearms Training for any reason, this one class will have to do. I was going to just skip writing about my experience and try to forget that evening, …

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Fenix LD 12 Flashlight


Most of us with a CCW license carry our handguns, and a few other items that we call our E.D.C. (every day carry). I will be writing reviews on some of the items I personally carry every day, give a reason I’ve chosen the item, and why I believe you should choose a similar item. For practicality and utility I’ve …

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I don’t know about you, but I like to shop around at my local stores, and online for ammo, I want the best prices, and quality ammo as well. We know that low price and quality are not easy to find, and if it is, the stock is usually gone, backordered, or limited to 2 boxes per customer. I absolutely …

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Firearm Defense Specialties.


I was having a conversation with a buddy of mine about outdoor ranges one evening and the topic of Aurora Sportsman Club popped up. We got a little off topic and started to discuss training, a digression that happens a lot with me, I can literally turn any conversation towards shooting if given a few minutes to speak. Well, he …

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Cornerstone Solutions Corp.


My internet searches for advanced firearms training in the western burbs of Chicago turned up Cornerstone Solutions Corp, based out of Des Plaines, IL. I saw them on Facebook, and decided to give Chris, the owner a call and see what he had to offer. Well, I was happily surprised to have found a very passionate trainer and had a …

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Perpetrator Firearms Training


This started out with a friend I shoot with in another school telling me a story about how he knows a trainer that has a robot that shoots back paintball sized rubber balls, (now upgraded to AirSoft BBs)  moves around, video records you from it’s perspective, AND, you shoot it with live rounds…. I literally stopped shooting and had him …

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G2 Firearms Training Group


My first experience wit G2 was a little over a year ago, a trainer of mine told me about them and asked if I had ever been to one of their classes. I was inquisitive to say the least, asked about them and what they would be like, all I remember hearing was ‘steel targets, and indoor range’ and I …

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