Saturday , 23 September 2017
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Hit with a stupid stick?


So, there has been a video making its way through social media lately depicting a woman talking about wanting to buy a “defense gun”. She goes on to say some incredibly stupid stuff, I’ll let you watch the video to see for yourself, and many of the pro-gun pages on Facebook/Twitter/etc are blowing up in furious anger…I don’t blame them, …

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Glock 17 – Full Auto


Oh, FPS Russia, one of my all time favorite Youtube channels – this guy gets his hands on some of the coolest firearms you’ve ever seen.  According to his Wikipedia profile: FPSRussia is a popular YouTube channel consisting of videos involving firearms and explosives. The videos feature Kyle Myers, an American born in Lavonia, Georgia, USA, playing the role of …

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UPDATE: Family to pay price for frivolous lawsuit


UPDATE:  8/6/2015 Lonnie Phillips, the man at the head of the frivilous lawsuit detailed below, was actually, according to his LinkedIn Page, the Operations Manager for the entire Brady Campaign.  I wonder if the Brady Campaign plans on helping the Phillip’s family swallow that $200,000 reward given to them by the courts for exhibiting such a lack of common sense and …

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Chuck Woolery: Why I need “Assault Weapons”


While ol’ Chuck mixes up his terminology quite a few times (Assault Weapon vs Assault Rifle) he’s still on point, and his message still rings true.  Just remember, no matter how many facts you display, how much information you throw, you will never win an emotional argument with facts & information.  It’s still best to be prepared. Thanks for the …

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Gun toting Pastor back in headlines


According to ABC13 News: An intruder has been shot by the pastor of a church in Baytown, police confirm to Eyewitness News. The scumbag criminal, this time, is identified as Lee Marvin Blue.  Lee was taken to a local hospital via Life Flight where he’s listed as being in stable condition after a single gunshot wound to his right shoulder. …

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It’s just comedy – right?


Ever happy to be a gun grabbers lap-dog, The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, invites, yet again, President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama (Mmm, Mmm, Mmm…) to the set of his hit TV show on Comedy Central. Throughout the set, Stewart seemed to poke jabs at the concept of “Obama coming after your guns” seemingly forgetting the big …

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Too young to shoot a gun?


At least one person at ABC just came to a startling realization that tens of millions of American Gun Owners have known our entire lives:  No matter how old you are – the gun isn’t the issue – it’s the person behind the trigger! This past Friday, ABC’s show What Would You Do? ran a  piece titled “Too Young to …

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The All New


Hello!  And Welcome!  We’re thrilled to be launching an all new website that was designed, from the top down, to be more efficient and user friendly in order to bring information and pro-gun goodies to you, the law abiding gun owners of Illinois!  We are a group of 5 guys are doing all of this in our free time, so some …

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Talk to your attacker – Don’t shoot him!


I will admit, I’m a little ‘behind’ the curve getting to this video, but, you know what they say: better late than never! For those of you still a little leery about watching the entire video above, here’s a mini-breakdown… The Director of Nanny Bloomberg’s racist, anti-gun group MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns), Mark Glaze, is speaking with Chris Matthews …

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The History of the M1 Garand

It’s been called the “Greatest Battle Implement ever devised” by a man who is, arguably, the greatest General in the history of the United States armed forces, General George S. Patton. If you’ve never had the privilege of shooting one, you’re really missing out. I recently acquired one of my own, a 1943 Springfield Armory M1C. It quickly became the …

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