Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Proposed Executive Order Equates 2nd Amendment With Militia

In light of the faulty 4th Circuit decision that upheld Maryland “Scary Black Rifle” ban, claiming that “2nd Amendment Rights do not apply to Assault Weapons such as the AR15”, Virginia attorney Lenden Eakin proposed an Executive Order that he believes is a great workaround for Assault Weapons Bans. From John Boch, at The Truth About Guns: The simple mechanism …

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Obama gun grab DEFEATED

The House continued to dismantle Obama’s legacy one item at a time, when on Thursday it struck down regulations that blocked gun ownership by some who have been deemed mentally impaired by the Social Security Administration. The House voted 235-180 along party lines Thursday to repeal an Obama-era rule requiring the Social Security Administration to send records of some beneficiaries …

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Supreme Court Upholds Limiting Guns for Domestic Infractions

Supreme Court Upholds Limiting Guns for Domestic Infractions In a case touching on one of the most prominent issues on the minds of Americans, the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to loosen federal restrictions that prevent people with [misdemeanor] domestic assault convictions from owning guns. The 6-2 ruling Monday was a victory for gun control advocates who have increased their efforts …

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Hawaii signs bill putting gun owners in FBI database

Governor David Ige signed the bill SB 2954 on Thursday that made Hawaii the first state to enter gun owners into an FBI database system for greater criminal record monitoring. This system, also known as the “Rap Back” system, allows law enforcement agencies to be automatically notified when a Hawaii-based gun owner is arrested anywhere in the country. The governor’s office …

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Illinois FOID ‘No Fly No Buy’ Bill (HB6588)

The Chicago Democrats are at it again…this time, however, they have a tiny amount of Republican support.  Due Process means so very little to this Government that took an oath to defend it.  Take, for example, the HB6588 by (D) Gregory Harris. Some Illinois law makers are now hopping on this whole guilty until proven innocent bandwagon championed by none other than President Obama where …

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Senate Shoots Down All Four Gun-Grab Bills

From the New York Times — The Senate on Monday failed to advance four separate measures aimed at curbing gun sales, the latest display of congressional inaction after a mass shooting. Eight days after a gunman claiming allegiance to the Islamic State killed 49 people in an Orlando nightclub, the Senate deadlocked, largely along party lines, on amendments to block people …

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