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Black Rhino Concealment: TCSL (Tactical Holster System)

I first was made aware of BRC when I was visiting a friend Rob, that worked at a local range. I was showing off the new holster I just had made up from a company in Texas, they make some damn fine stuff, and we both like to talk shop, so we were comparing what he made against what I had just bought. I had used it in several tactical classes and had no issues, but Rob kept taunting me every time I saw him about the ‘junk I was using’, and said he was waiting to show me what a good holster was like.

After several months of badgering and ribbing I decided to let him put up or shut up. I found my way into his shop in Gilberts, IL, literally 2 minutes from where I work, to have some holsters made. I get there after work about 5PM, and he began. 3 hours later I had 3 holsters, and 2 magazine carriers. I will admit, they looked great, and were molded off of my gun, formed by hand, custom just for me.

I will admit to being very picky when it comes to my guns, how they are set up and the products I use, after all, I have them to protect what is most dear to me, so I have that right to be demanding and picky, and I won’t settle, nor will I compromise. I’ve used the expensive holsters from many companies, paid too much, and waited too long for what I got.

Now I found a place to go that will make me what I want, has high quality, lifetime warranty, good prices, 100% veteran owned and operated, does custom work, and has amazing customer service. Now many of you know that I’m on different 2A blogs, and I can see that the customers of BRC love the holsters, and appreciate that level of customer support. I had such a good experience with BRC that I invited them to be sponsors of IGOR, and am proud to say they are still with us, and are our oldest sponsor.

That being said, I am in a unique position to be the first to do a long term review of their products, being as I have used and abused my TCSL system in probably 40 classes, if not more, over the last year. What I have exactly is the TCSL-Tactical Carrier System with light, made for an RMR, in Carbon Weave, with the low profile 1.75” belt loops, RHD, and zero cant.  This does not have adjustable retention like some other holsters, Rob prefers to custom tune the retention to each customers preference.

After using and abusing this holster system for thousands of draw and re-holster cycles, dirt, debris, hot gun lube, mud, rain, inadvertent contact, laying on it, crawling around, cycling one handed off of it, and everything else I could put it through, it is still retaining my Glock as well as I could ask.

Not one time, out of all the running I’ve done in class, has it ever failed, or have I lost my gun. Now it does look rougher than the day I got it, it’s marred, scratched, faded, and gouged all over, but what holster wouldn’t be?

In the time I had it, the fasteners didn’t loosen, nothing broke, the belt loops held up very well, there was no Kydex separation, and the retention stayed relatively consistent, the gun was moving about 2 mm from front to back, after all the abuse, I did mention the slight movement of my gun to Rob, it did seem like it was loosening up very slightly, he told me to bring the holster and gun in and he’d fix it, a little heat, pressure from the vacuum form, and 10 minutes later, all better. Not too bad for a nearly year old used and abused holster. (This is where the new holster talk began).

I have decide to retire this holster, BRC has made a few refinements to this design, Rob showed me the updates, and offered to make me a new upgraded holster to try, so last week I dropped my gun off at lunch time, and picked up the new holster after work. I went with exactly the same system I had before, but went with basic black. Now as I’ve stated above, I’m picky, and I don’t hold back, if you make crap, I will plainly tell you it’s crap. But they hit a home run.

Not only did they improve on an old and very rugged design, but I’d have to call it the best holster I’ve ever used. It re-holsters just as well as it draws, Jon made my holster and incorporated small guide lips that funnel my gun and light home without hanging up. When he finished it, I stood there drawing it and re-holstering it for 15 minutes like a little kid with a new toy.  Made my day! I’ve had a few classes with it, and absolutely love it.

The sweat shield length I prefer is on the longer side, so I don’t get my clothing caught up while re-holstering, not a big deal usually, but I run an RMR on my slide, that causes a fitment issue, but BRC has a solution for that as well, and it works beautifully.

I do let people use my gear in class, just to show them the products I use and promote, and to get their opinions on what they have vs. what I use. I do get the opportunity to shoot with a lot of people, and have had positive feedback from those that have used my gear, and from those that see what I have.

You can have cool adds in magazines telling you how good a holster system is, you can have big named shooters wear one and have fan boys buying them the next day, but to me, as a consumer, a guy that carries a gun and extra magazine every day, all day, takes classes every chance I get, the real test is in the long term use of a product, and having real live people give you feedback, and talking to and meeting real customers that use BRC products, and getting their feedback, that is the real test.

I’ve seen all that, I’ve been at BRC events talking to customers, new and repeat, LEO and civilians, and I see they are happy. Now will everyone be 100% happy all the time, no, but that’s what a lifetime warranty is for, no hassle just make it right.

In conclusion, Would I recommend BRC to the IGOR family, yes. So much so that I asked them to be sponsors, and over a year later, they are still here, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Don’t go buying a holster from a guy making them in his kitchen for $40, wait 4 weeks, and end up unhappy, call BRC, visit their website, or Facebook page and see what people have to say about them for yourself.

I first was made aware of BRC when I was visiting a friend Rob, that worked at a local range. I was showing off the new holster I just had made up from a company in Texas, they make some damn fine stuff, and we both like to talk shop,…

Final Verdict

Cost - 9.5
Quality - 9.5
Location - 10
Turnaround Time - 10
Selection - 10



If you want it wrapped in Kydex they can probably do it. I have holsters made for knives, flashlights, wallets, magazines, trigger guards, tomahawks, and a cleaver made by them. Add in handcuffs, baby bottle holders, business card holders, swords, axes, you name it, they’ll try.

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