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Axe Weilding Islamic Terrorist Strikes in Germany. Suspect Killed By Police

An ax-wielding Islamic Terrorist who attacked several people on a train in southern Germany late Monday evening has been shot dead by police.

The assailant, armed with a knife and an ax, was identified as a 17-year-old Muhammad Riyad, living in Ochsenfurt, Bavaria, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachimn.  After the initial incident, the train’s emergency brakes were deployed and the attacker fled into a nearby town.

Police chased the attacker and then met him very close to the river where they confronted him.  The teen was aggressive and tried to attack cops with his ax before they opened fire and killed him. Police say an ISIS flag was found in the attacker’s room, and said that he shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack, according to initial distress calls. A pro-ISIS media group said the attacker was a “ISIS fighter”

In the video released by ISIS and filmed before the stabbing, the teenager says he will carry out the attack and threatens ‘infidel’ countries.

Knife in hand, he then announces in Pashto, an Afghan language, he would carry out an ‘operation’ in Germany, and presents himself as a ‘soldier of the caliphate’.

He says: ‘I am one of the soldiers of the Islamic Caliphate, and I am going to conduct an attack in Germany. It is about time to stop you from coming to our homes, killing our families, and getting away with it.

Approximately 20 to 30 people were on the train and As many as 19 passengers needed hospital treatment while three victims are fighting for their lives after being attacked with ‘cutting and stabbing weapons’.

The 17-year-old was taken in two weeks ago by a foster family. Germany absorbed more than one million refugees last year. Some have been concerned over the presence of terror groups in the country — both the potential for attackers to slip in with migrants and the concern that they may be able to radicalize disaffected youths.

Three Syrian men were arrested last month on suspicions that they were planning to carry out a mass casualty attack in Dusseldorf.

Germany had thus far escaped the kind of large-scale jihadist attacks seen in the southern French city of Nice last week, in which 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel used a truck to mow down people leaving a Bastille Day fireworks display, killing 84 people in an attack claimed by ISIS.

In May, a mentally-unstable 27-year-old Muslim man carried out a similar knife attack on a regional train in the south, killing one person and injuring three others all while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’.

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