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Another “no guns allowed” sign not doing its job

Movie theaters seem to be quickly becoming a staple target for would-be psychotics to unleash their hated for the world.  Probably fueled by the attention it draws from the media, yet another soon-to-be-discovered mental case has opened fire in a movie theater in suburban Nashville Tennessee…this time, thank God, nobody, except for the gunman, was killed.

At this time details are thin, and we’ll update as soon as we find more, but for now, the gunman is reportedly identified as a 51-year old man from the Nashville area.  Police spokesman Don Aaron said he was wearing a mask when he entered the room for “Mad Max” and began spraying pepper spray into the crowd.  An officer came into the theater and was fired upon by the suspect.

A SWAT team later arrived and, after exchanging gun fire, the suspect was found dead.

More facts will be coming quite soon, but for now, my question remains:  When will we all start demanding that business owners make a decision?  Either they’re going to provide security for their patrons, or they’re going to allow their patrons to provide security for themselves.  Expecting people to hide behind a trash can and pray for someone with a gun to show up and end the madness should be considered criminal.

Gun-Free zones are magnets for mentally ill psychopaths who want to harm, kill, and watch the world burn.  The media loves to give these crazed lunatics the spotlight – but the only people who seem to be screaming for something to be done are the ones who are screaming about taking away guns from peaceful people who never hurt anyone to begin with.  Craziness.

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