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All I want for Christmas is…

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Oh, Christmas time!  A time for family…and breaking your back shoveling snow (seriously, why do I always wait until winter to think about buying a snow blower?)  But!  It’s also a time for giving.  My wife tells me, all the time, that I’m a very hard person to shop for, though, so that got me to thinking:  Why not create a wish list and sneak it onto her laptop somehow…I know!  I’ll write another article:  Top 5 Guns I want for Christmas.  Just click the “next” button to the right to begin.

#5 – Desert Eagle .44 magnum (DE44W)

de44We’re starting off with a gun I’m sure has a place on most firearm “wish lists” – the Desert Eagle.

“Uhh, but not .50AE?”

I hear a lot of people saying – and respectfully I reply, “nope”.  I already have a handgun that eats .44magnum – and being that .50AE comes in just over $1 a round, it’s not really a gun I can take out to the range often (Sadly, I do not have one of those money trees that Bernie Sanders grows in his back yard).  For me, though, the Desert Eagle is less about the round it fires, and more about it looking just plain badass.

I’m not usually one for buying a gun solely on its looks – but in this case, I’m guilty as charged.  I want one – no matter how impractical.  It’s not about “needs”, right?  Oh, and for the love of God, no, I don’t want Tiger Stripe camo or polished Chrome.  To each their own on this one, but for my taste, it’s black oxide, please.


#4 – Double Barrel 1911 (AF2011-A1)

db1911It’s like my grand-daddy always said:

The only thing better than a single barreled 1911, is a double barreled 1911

Or…something like that.  This gun just screams awesome, to me.  Of course, they’re pretty hard to find, and even when you do find one, they’re insanely expensive.  Add that to the fact that it’s incredibly bulky & very heavy, making it a less-than-ideal candidate for concealed carry, and you’re left with a firearm that lacks overall practicality with a very high sale price…but this isn’t a grocery list, this is a wish list, so leave me to my day dreaming!

From just about every review I’ve read on the gun, it’s cranky prior to 1,000 rounds, even including a manufacturers suggestion not to load more than 5 rounds per magazine until you’ve “worn it in” at 1,000 rounds total (500 per barrel), and it lacks “shootability” meaning it’s not something you really want to rely on in a gun fight.  While I don’t plan on getting into any gun fights soon, it’s still a factor to consider, but despite all of these so called “down sides” – I don’t care – I still want it.  Just not as bad as the next gun on this list.

#3 – AR-15 Pistol

pistolYes – the AR-15 Pistol.  For those of you who may not know there was a such thing, the AR-15 Pistol is considered, by the ATF to be an actual pistol – so yes, theoretically, one could possibly “conceal & carry” it.  But that isn’t the reason I want one.  The AR-15 Pistol is the only gun on this list that was put here simply because it represents the pure, abject stupidity of the folks at the ATF, and the United States Government in general.

As the image to your left indicates, the “pistol” is considered a “short barreled rifle” the instant you install a butt-stock on it, OR, shoot the “pistol” version from the shouldered position.  That’s right – it’s now illegal to shoot a pistol from the shouldered position, if it’s the AR-15 pistol, not something like a 1911 – and that difference between the two is the only difference the ATF recognizes – as far as their other “rules” are concerned, these two firearms are essentially the exact same thing.

For that reason alone – I want one.  That – and they can make a wicked cool fireball when shooting at the range.




#2 – 1969 Russian Izhmash (AKM)


There are SO MANY different kinds of rifles made on the AK-47 platform these days, it can be nearly impossible to make up ones mind.  You can go with synthetic stocks – all black.  You can get the lighter, more blond looking wood furniture, or you can go for as close to the original as one can get…and that’s where my cup of coffee sits.

I already have an AK-47 that I won at a gun auction a few years back – but it’s an all black synthetic stock, and it’s a little rough around the edges – don’t get me wrong – still love it – but I’d happily trade/sell it for an upgrade like this.

From my understanding, you can get kits to build your own, which would make an even more amazing Christmas present, especially if you can line up matching serial #’s.  But, either way, I love the old-school wood furniture and just the overall look of this rifle.



#1 – Auto-Ordnance Thompson 1927A-1.

thompsonThe Thompson has many nicknames, but since about the 1920’s, it has been one of the most recognized, most feared, and most celebrated firearms in American history.  The first time I held a Thompson in my arms, and squeezed off a few rounds down range, I was absolutely hooked – for life.  There are firearms out there with significantly increased accuracy.  Others weigh a lot less.  But for guys like me (suckers for the classics) nothing, and I mean nothing, tops the feeling you get when you hold one of these bad-boys.  Oh- and you absolutely have to have the drum magazine, or it just feels wrong (albeit a hell of a lot lighter!)

Sadly – due to progressive ideology – I can’t get my hands on an actual original Thompson carbine – they’re full-auto, and Illinois has a thing about guns.  But!  Thanks to Auto-Ordnance, I can still get my hands on the next best thing.  It’ll sling the .45 ACP down range like nobody’s business – just make sure you don’t go broke reloading the drum-mag too many times!

This Christmas, if you’re shopping for a gun guy (or gal!) who is, like me, incredibly hard to shop for, but you oh-so-want one of those youtube moments when they open their gift on Christmas Day – make it a Thompson A-1.  Trust me, we’ll never see it coming – but make sure you have some smelling salts on hand to bring us to.  Little tip:  If you really want to send them over the edge, make sure you wrap it all up in its very own violin case.  I got goose bumps just typing that.


And there you have it! How did mylist shape up? Do you agree? Do you feel as though I left something out? Let me know with a comment on Facebook!

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