Saturday , 16 December 2017
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A call to arms! Assault Weapon Watch!

Only YOU can help prevent Weapon Assaults! Do your civic duty and help monitor these notorious assault weapons! The guys over at have set up THREE web cams to aid us in our duties. At any time of day (you choose) you too can help us keep an eye on a Colt LE6940 AR-15, an M14, or an HK Model 21.

Just CLICK HERE and you, too, can begin monitoring Assault Weapons!

Who needs to prosecute gun runners and violent felons when we can simply blame Assault Weapons? And hey! You know what they say, in Quantum Physics, about the theory of the observer? Well, the same thing applies to Assault Rifle Weapons with 30+ round magazine clips. We have our money on the M14. It looks shootier. Keep both eyes on it. At all times.

So onward! Go now! To your duty! Do not let your guard down. The moment you bat your eyelashes, these weapons could lash out and start killing people at random.

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I believe you can learn all you'd ever need to know about a person by listening to how they describe an individuals freedom to protect themselves. I'm politically incorrect (and proud of it) and when it comes to gun rights for law abiding citizens, I am NEVER neutral!

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