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Senator Warren sitting Indian style on the House Floor

26 of the Democrats Who Participated in the Gun Control Sit-In Own Guns

More of the double standards we’ve come to expect from Democrats. iI’s the same old “I can handle it but you can’t” philosophy, just before they have a temper tantrum

Democrats in Congress ended their day-long sit-in on the House Floor, failing to force a vote on two pieces of gun-grab legislation.  The hysterically embarrassing sitin, which included restroom breaks and tax-payer-funded catered meals, included 36 Democrat lawmakers who, themselves, own guns, IGOR has learned after examining 2013 USA Today survey that asked members of Congress about firearm ownership.

It’s worth noting, as well, that the Sit-in included 12 Democrats who either refused to respond to the USA Today Survey, or declined to say whether or not they owned a gun.  This sort of “laws for thee, not for me” attitude is ripe in the Democrat party.  Looking at a recent event from Charlie Rangel, which we covered here, where Rangel makes the assertion that his Constituents in New York don’t deserve protection, and that he’s glad to hear there are very few Concealed Carry permits handed out in the State of New York.  (No.  Really.  He said it.  Click the link for audio)

Here is the list of the Democrats who admit to owning firearms themselves, but participated in a sit-in whose publicly stated goal is to circumvent 5th Amendment Rights of American Citizens in order to strip them of their 2nd Amendment Right to self-preservation.

  • Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick
  • Rep. Bennie Thompson
  • Rep. Dina Titus
  • Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger
  • Rep. Jared Huffman
  • Rep. Jim Cooper
  • Rep. Jim Costa
  • Rep. John Carney
  • Rep. John Garamendi
  • Rep. Keith Ellison
  • Rep. Mike Thompson
  • Rep. Peter DeFazio
  • Rep. Peter Welch
  • Rep. Rick Nolan
  • Rep. Ron Kind
  • Rep. Steve Cohen
  • Rep. Tim Ryan
  • Sen. Gary Peters
  • Sen. Harry Reid
  • Sen. Mark Warner
  • Sen. Martin Heinrich
  • Sen. Patrick Leahy
  • Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
  • Sen. Tammy Baldwin
  • Sen. Tim Kaine
  • Sen. Tom Carper

Numerous far-left sources are completely disagreeing with the Democrats on this one.  Like this one for example.  Or this one.  Or this one.

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