Thursday , 27 April 2017

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Proposed Executive Order Equates 2nd Amendment With Militia

In light of the faulty 4th Circuit decision that upheld Maryland “Scary Black Rifle” ban, claiming that “2nd Amendment Rights do not apply to Assault Weapons such as the AR15”, Virginia attorney Lenden Eakin proposed an Executive Order that he believes is a great workaround for Assault Weapons Bans. From John Boch, at The Truth About Guns: The simple mechanism …

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Obama gun grab DEFEATED

The House continued to dismantle Obama’s legacy one item at a time, when on Thursday it struck down regulations that blocked gun ownership by some who have been deemed mentally impaired by the Social Security Administration. The House voted 235-180 along party lines Thursday to repeal an Obama-era rule requiring the Social Security Administration to send records of some beneficiaries …

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All new ‘Abrams’ sabot slug turns your shotgun into a tank cannon

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend in France, then you just might be able to get your hands on the Balle Flèche Sauvestre shotgun slugs. Designed for use in choked or unchoked, smooth bore or rifled, these slugs are meant to do it all. TAOFLEDERMAUS was able to get his hands of a few and took them to …

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Top 10 Stupidest Things Said By a Gun Grabber in 2016

2016 was a hell of a year for guns rights activists.  It was seen, by many, as a last ditch effort to further obstruct and usurp 2nd Amendment Rights from average, every day citizens.  No legislation proposed that actually aims to keep guns out of the hands of known criminals – but plenty of bills aimed at people like you …

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All I want for Christmas is…

Oh, Christmas time!  A time for family…and breaking your back shoveling snow (seriously, why do I always wait until winter to think about buying a snow blower?)  But!  It’s also a time for giving.  My wife tells me, all the time, that I’m a very hard person to shop for, though, so that got me to thinking:  Why not create …

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Levi Strauss tells law abiding gun owners to take a hike

Levi Strauss & Co. CEO Chip Bergh is posting an open letter to customers, asking law-abiding citizens to refrain from bringing their concealed carry firearms into Levi Strauss stores. Bergh said his letter represents a “request” rather than a “mandate” or all-out ban, but he hopes customers will honor the request and enter Levi Strauss stores unarmed. Fortune published Bergh’s letter, …

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We purchased enough firearms on Black Friday to arm the Marine Corps

Black Friday, a day of commercial consumerism. The lines are wrapped around the buildings waiting for the deals of a lifetime. While you might think most consumers are out there waiting for the latest new toy or the biggest TV, many buyers on Black Friday are buying something totally different. Black Friday is apparently the day to buy guns. Lots of …

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“Mass Shooting” at OSU turns out to be Knife Attack

Leave it up to the Main Stream Media to kick fact-checking to the curb and run with the juiciest headline possible.  Now, as facts emerge, we find out that the only gun that was involved was the one used to take the life of the blade-wielding madman. As reports are emerging, police believe the attacker to be a Somai-refugee we are …

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Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan talks during a meetin

Madigan loses his supermajority in Illinois House

House Speaker Mike Madigan is the most powerful man in Illinois politics. He controls whether bills live or die. He controls the legislative map. He controls a property tax law firm that makes millions on the back of his influence. But on Nov. 8, Illinois voters proved he can be beaten. Madigan will no longer control a veto-proof supermajority in …

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Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)

Do you – or someone you love – suffer from Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD)?  It is a pattern of psychotic behavior that was first witnessed during the late hours of November 8th, 2016, and has grown to a nation wide epidemic in the time that has followed since. Sufferers of TARD often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden bouts of …

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